Friday, August 2: Slags
Saturday, August 3: Queen Tribute
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Wednesday, August 7: Sofa Kingz
Friday, August 9: VHS
Saturday, August 10: Fab 5/ Beetles Tribute

Wednesday, August 14: Sofa Kingz
Friday, August 16: Mambo Jazz Kings
Saturday, August 17: That 70’s Thing

Wednesday, August 21: Sofa Kingz
Friday, August 23: Cooper Wade

Saturday, August 24: Bon Jovi Tribute
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Wednesday, August 28: Sofa Kingz
Friday, August 30: Chinatown
Saturday, August 31: Nailers


Wednesday, September 4: Sofa Kingz
Thursday, September 5: Sundance Head
Friday, September 6: Diamond Jack
Saturday, September 7: Live 80

Wednesday, September 11: Sofa Kingz
Saturday, September 14: Slags

Wednesday, September 18: Sofa Kingz
Thursday, September 19: Mike & The Moonpies

Friday, September 20: Velcro Pygmies
Saturday, September 21: Sol Flair

Wednesday, September 25: Sofa Kingz
Friday, September 27: Swagger
Saturday, September 28: KISS Alike


Wednesday, October 2: Sofa Kingz
Thursday, October 3: Jason Boland (acoustic)

Friday, October 4: David Joel
Saturday, October 5: Fab 5

Wednesday, October 9: Sofa Kingz
Friday, October 11: Fidelity Maxx
Saturday, October 12: Mambo Jazz Kings

Wednesday, October 16: Sofa Kingz
Friday, October 18: Nailers
Saturday, October 19: Already Gone
(Click Here for Tickets)

Wednesday, October 23: Sofa Kingz
Thursday, October 24: Jonathan Tyler

Friday, October 25: Velcro Pygmies

Wednesday, October 30: Sofa Kingz


Friday, November 1: Velvet Punch
Saturday, November 2: Dirty Reckless

Thursday, November 14th: Cody Canada

Thursday, November 21st: Brandon Rhyder


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