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Wednesday, August 8: Sofa Kingz
Thursday, August 9: Jeff Canada

Friday, August 10: Fidelity Max
Saturday, August 11: Adrenaline

Wednesday, August 15:  Super Okay
Thursday, August 16: DJ

Friday, August 17: Mocking Birds
Saturday, August 18: Sol Flair

Wednesday, August 22:  Super Okay
Thursday, August 23: BC
Friday, August 24: Diamond Jack

Saturday, August 25: KLOCKS

Wednesday, August 29:  Super Okay
Thursday, August 30: Trey Rose
Friday, August 31: Rapture


Saturday, September 1: The Slags

Wednesday, September 5:  Super Okay
Friday, September 7: Mambo Jazz Kings

Saturday, September 8: Sol Flair

Wednesday, September 12:  Super Okay
Thursday, September 13: Velcro Pygmies

Friday, September 14: Velcro Pygmies
Saturday, September 15: Swagger

Wednesday, September 19: Super Okay
Thursday, September 20: DJ

Friday, September 21: Cooper Wade
Saturday, September 22: Diamond Jacks

Wednesday, September 26: Super Okay
Friday, September 28: Chinatown

Saturday, September 29: Infinitys Twin